Get GM4W in Time for Mother’s Day

By God’s grace, has sold over 4000 copies of Gospel Meditations for Women in the last two weeks! We can still take orders and have them delivered to you in time for Mother’s Day. However, you need to place your order right away. There will be a charge for Priority Mail, but your procrastination hasn’t made delivery impossible…yet. :)

We’re confident that the Lord will use the booklets to point the ladies in your church or family Christ-ward. Each day’s article suggests a Scripture reading, unpacks a portion of the passage, then concludes with an application to everyday life: “Let the Gospel affect your ____.”

You can get more information here, view a sample pdf here, and order the booklets here.

Thanks to Justin Taylor, Jenni Naselli, and Diane Heeney for their blog links. And thanks to Holly Stratton, Wendy Alsup, and Dan Phillips for their kind commendations. SDG.


3 Responses

  1. Got our copies today!!! Looking forward to the impact they will have.

  2. Just saw on the BJU Campus Store feed that this is being sold there, too. Wonderful!

  3. […] GM4W posts: here, here, here, here, and here. (Like I said, information […]

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