Zechariah 3 and Justification

I jogged this week with two friends of mine, Matt Hoskinson and Michael Barrett. Both kept up (though Barrett was able to go a little further) and both were preaching on Zechariah 3, a favorite passage of mine that pictures justification. I’m preaching on the same passage tomorrow as part of a new series on “Salvation Words” at TCBC. (We started last Sunday with a look at Depravity from Genesis 3, where the Fall which necessitated the various aspects of our rescue is recorded. We especially noted how the need for reconciliation, justification, propitiation, sanctification, etc. appeared in the very moments after Adam and Eve’s sins.)

Getting back to Zechariah 3, Hoskinson’s message (also preached last week) can be found here. Barrett’s can be found here. Both are excellent. Barrett’s is a favorite of mine. I remember hearing him explain justification from the vision in Zechariah 3 when I was an undergrad at BJU almost 2 decades ago. Certain message “leave a mark,” and this was one of them. It changed my life.

Praise the Lord for faithful preachers of His Word—and even more so for our amazing salvation, which cost Him so much! Grace!


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Dr. Barrett’s message was great…from intro. to conclusion. I look forward to listening – when I can – to the others. By the way, we have really enjoyed introducing Joe’s Psalms in our Sunday services. Thanks for your ministry.

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