Update on “Gospel Meditations for Women”

I’ve been encouraged by the positive response to Gospel Meditations for Women since we introduced it last Thursday. Here are a few updates, especially germane for anyone considering purchasing it as a Mother’s Day gift for their church:

  • My friends Diane Heeney, Dave Doran and Dan Phillips have given the booklet a nod in blog posts. Thank you!
  • A pdf of the entire booklet is available to church leaders who are considering purchasing it as a Mother’s Day gift for the ladies of their church. Email your request for the (non-reproducible) pdf to info@churchworksmedia.com. And order soon so you get them in plenty of time.
  • Others can still see the sample pdf here and order the booklet here. While we’ve received a number of church orders, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of small orders, as well. By no means is it a “moms only” thing.
  • Here’s the Introduction to the booklet:

“Why are you writing a devotional for ladies? You’re men.”

Guilty as charged. We’re men. But we have a vested interest in the spiritual lives of women. First, we’re directly attached to a number of women: we both have mothers who are women, we both have wives who are women, and between us we have six daughters (and no sons).

More seriously, we’re both privileged to pastor women. We labor together at Tri-County Bible Church in Madison, Ohio. It’s a robust body of believers, roughly half of whom are ladies. These devotionals were originally written for them, the women under our pastoral care.

Finally, we’re writing because of the relative scarcity of sound materials available for Christian women. There are happy exceptions, for which we’re grateful, but much of what is commonly written for ladies lacks biblical depth and doctrinal accuracy. That’s a problem—women need solid Gospel meat as surely as their male counterparts.

We hope you will use this resource to enhance your study of the Scriptures, not to replace it. Whether you’re studying on your own or with other ladies, we urge you to read the biblical passage suggested for each day in addition to our effort to unpack it. The articles are arranged fairly randomly. Some describe what it means to be a Christian. Others address singleness, marriage, or motherhood. Most address an aspect of Christian growth. But all highlight the way the Gospel of Jesus Christ affects everyday life. That’s the passion of our lives and of the church we pastor. We’re all about the Gospel—meditating on it in our worship, encouraging each other with it, and sharing it with the lost.

We affectionately dedicate these studies to our lovely wives, Lori Anderson and Hannah Tyrpak, who are “far more precious to us than jewels”(Proverbs 31:10). They provide us with daily examples of what godly wives, mothers, and believers look like. We both “married up,” and we continually praise the Lord for their ministries to and with us.

May the Lord use Gospel Meditations for Women to drive you Christ-ward, and may all glory go to Him (Psalm 115:1).

For the sake of His name,

Chris Anderson & Joe Tyrpak


7 Responses

  1. Just ordered 5, Chris, for the women in my life – my wife, our two daughters, our daughter-in-law, and my newly saved mom. I trust this will be a blessing to them. Shhh!

  2. Chris: We were thrilled to see this. I passed the idea of getting it for the ladies in our church for Mothers Day and it was a no brainer. We’re planning to order a bunch. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, fellas. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response. Trust it will be a blessing to many!

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