His Robes for Mine: SoundForth Concert and CD

Dan Forrest’s arrangement of His Robes for Mine (a hymn which I wrote with Greg Habegger) is one of the tracks on the new SoundForth CD, Promises. It is also part of the SoundForth CD Premier Concert this Wednesday evening, March 24. The concert begins at Bob Jones University sometime between 8:30 and 8:45pm, depending on the time the service preceding it concludes. Though I can’t be there, there will be a Live Webcast of the concert at www.bju.edu which I’m hoping to take in. Dr. Warren Cook, a dear friend and mentor from my time at BJU, will be conducting.

The CD will be available starting Wednesday at 5:00pm here. It can be purchased at a discounted price ($12) between Wednesday at 5:00pm and Friday morning at 8:00am.

In addition to His Robes for Mine, the CD has several other songs that we’ve used as “hymns of the month” at Tri-County Bible Church—O God, My Joy; Power of the Cross; and Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal. It also has a stirring version of Come, Christians, Join to Sing, which we use as our call to worship most Lord’s Days. These songs are precious to me, and I’m eager to hear them.

By the way, the His Robes for Mine octavo is the first of several in a new “ChurchWorks Choral Series,” a joint effort of SoundForth and ChurchWorksMedia.com. The next installment is I Run to Christ (hymn version), arranged by Molly Ijames. It should be available for purchase in June.

I pray that these resources will be used to point many Christ-ward!


2 Responses

  1. Chris,

    Our church is really “getting into” some of your beautiful and doctrinally solid hymns. “His Robes for Mine” was first introduced to our Teens, who now sing it eagerly, some having memorized it completely. Now, the church has added it to our Sunday Morning worship with great delight and appreciation.

    We thank God for your labors in this important area.

    Warm regards,
    Greg Barkman

  2. Greg, thanks for the very encouraging word. Praise the Lord!

    If your teens are excited about singing about “propitiation” and Christ’s “vicarious death and life,” you’re doing something right. Rather, God is displaying his grace. Seriously, how exciting! The gospel is contagious, and when leaders delight in it, the flock learns to, as well!

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