Dad, Jeff, Dan, and World Evangelization

I’m rejoicing today in the Lord’s use of my brothers and father in the work of world evangelization. I’m overwhelmed at what these godly men are doing around the world, even this moment:

  • My Dad, Pastor Chuck Anderson, after leading in 4 church plants in Colorado—all of which are preaching the gospel today—is now heading up an international outreach ministry called Discovery News. Among his other endeavors, Dad is publishing an illustrated gospel paper entitled Good News for a Bad News World by the tens of thousands in various languages, including Hindi, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • My brother, Pastor Jeff Anderson, has been used of the Lord on short-term mission trips for years. But what he’s doing this week is incredible. Jeff, my Dad, and others are in Uganda, East Africa, where they are teaching at a pastor’s conference to 10,000(!) African pastors. In addition to modeling expository preaching and showing the men what gospel-centered ministry looks life, Jeff was able to secure a copy of The MacArthur Study Bible for each of the attendees, as well as thousands of copies of Jim Berg’s Changed into His Image, donated by Bob Jones University Press. Think of the opportunity to influence 10,000 national pastors and the people they serve! What grace! Please pray for the Lord to work in an unmistakable way!
  • My brother, Pastor Dan Anderson, has been a church planter in Brazil for the last 12 years. The Lord has blessed his ministry: several churches have been planted, Brazilians have come to Christ, and nationals have been trained as the future leaders of the churches. This weekend marked a new phase of ministry for Dan, however. Saturday night Dan was installed as the Executive 
    Director for Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission, so his new ministry will be to lead, recruit, and represent missionaries, multiplying his own ministry for the sake of the gospel. Pray for the Lord’s enablement and blessing as Dan transitions into this new ministry.

Add to that the service of my wife’s parents, who retired early in order to go as missionaries to the 10/40 Window (with her brother) and then to Great Britain. I praise the Lord for the way he’s using my extended family. It’s all grace. And it’s very convicting. What am I doing for world evangelization? What are you?


3 Responses

  1. That is really terrific, Chris. God bless them, and you.

  2. Thank you, Dan. Back atcha. ;)

  3. I met your brother Jeff at a missions “round table” in Denver a few weeks ago. It was a blessing to get to know him.

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