Draw Near through Christ

Joe Tyrpak preached last night on Christ’s replacement of the Temple, a theme we’ve focused on often—in Joe’s message, a recent series, our study of John 2 and John 4, etc. What a tremendous truth! Christ is the perfect Temple, being (a) the “place” where sinners seek God and (b) the “place” where God is appeased by blood sacrifice. Wonderful!

Part of what has been such a blessing to me is noting the common themes from Eden (the first sanctuary), through the Tabernacle and Temples, all the way to the New Jerusalem (the eternal sanctuary). Particularly striking to me is how the veil of the Tabernacle (embroidered with cherubim, Ex 26:1) hearkened back to the cherubim placed outside Eden following the curse (Gen 3:24), and how they were removed at Christ’s crucifixion when the veil was torn (Mat 27:51). Access to God and life is no longer barred. We have unhindered access through Christ, what Hebrews 10:19-20 calls “a new and living way.” For eternity, rather than being kept from God by cherubim, we’ll be fellow-worshipers with them. Eden will be restored and improved upon. The curse will be undone. Glory!

The following text meditates on that great theme. I’m not sure whether or not it’s “hymn-able.” It may be destined to be unsung poetry. Nevertheless, I love the theme, and I love the privilege of seeking God directly through the Lord Jesus. Glory to Him!

Draw Near through Christ

In Eden’s bliss we walked with God
Unhindered by the curse.
Yet we rebelled and were expelled—
Estranged; alone; perverse.
Two mighty cherubs barred the path
To Eden’s holy place;
No more could men, now stained by sin,
Behold our Maker’s face.

Beneath the Law we sought the Lord
Through sacrifice and priest.
One time each year one man, in fear,
Sought God with blood of beast.
Still mighty cherubs blocked the way
So sinners could not pass—
In curtain sewn, on golden throne,
They stopped the rebel fast.

Then Christ appeared to clear the way
To God for sinful man;
Fulfilled the Law without a flaw—
Our Temple, Priest, and Lamb.
Astounded cherubs stepped aside;
Each hid his flaming sword.
With nail and thorn the Veil was torn;
Draw near through Christ the Lord!

In Jesus’ name we boldly come
Before the throne of grace.
With empty hand, in Christ we stand
To seek Almighty’s face
Till saints and cherubs join in awe
Around the Savior’s throne.
With one great voice we will rejoice:
“All praise to Christ alone!”

Copyright 2009 ChurchWorksMedia.com. All rights reserved.

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3 Responses

  1. Amen and amen.

  2. Glory to Christ, our Sacrifice, High Priest, Advocate, and Lord! Rev. 5:12

  3. I really love this hymn… especially the progression from Eden to Heaven, it is so glorious!

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