Olympic Moments: 2/21/10

More random takes on the Olympics:

  • Is this considered to be the best Olympics ever for the USA? Sure seems like it!
  • The USA’s hockey win over Canada was phenomenal, especially the last 3 minutes. Ryan Miller was amazing in goal. And he needed to be. You’re not going to win many games in which your opponent doubles your shots on goal. My wife mentioned his humility in the interview, too. Brian Rafalski was on fire. Ryan Kesler’s hustle open-netter was brilliant. And what’s not to like about Chris Drury? Clutch. I’ve liked him ever since he was on those great Av teams.
  • Speaking of “clutch” and “on fire,” Bode Miller is smoking. He must have found the fountain of youth. Gold, silver, and bronze? Wow. Good for him.
  • This is hilarious. And I thought the figure skaters’ outfits were bad. Ick.
  • Here’s a nice article from Rick Reilly on John Napier. No snark there.
  • It bugs me when announcers act like winning a silver or bronze medal is failure. Sheesh.
  • Morgan Freeman has a cool voice. In case you didn’t know. And his Jamaican bobsled team commercial is classic. John Candy would approve.
  • Apollo Ohno‘s victory in the semi-final Saturday night? Houdini-like. Phelps-like. Mercy. I wish he’d won the gold, but even his bronze was impressive after his near-fall. Bonnie Blair‘s being there when he broke her record with his 7th medal was nice. (Did I mention that her sister was my high school tennis coach? And that we were good?) He was pretty classy when interviewed just after the race, too.
  • One more take on Ohno. His winning so many medals in such a volatile and unpredictable event is impressive. Blair didn’t face the nudging and blocking and teaming up in winning her medals. Almost no other speed event has such close quarters. It’s like Michael Phelps sharing his lane with 3 other swimmers. Which is what makes short track so entertaining to watch.
  • Simon Ammann did it again. He makes me smile.
  • I like the bobsled. I mean, if you’re flying down an ice chute at 90 mph, you might as well be in a car. I’d still prefer an airbag, though.
  • Speaking of the bobsled competition, how many cameras does it take to cover a run? I counted 29 in under 60 seconds. What a tough sport to cover!
  • Skate dancing dude Charlie White has some serious hair! Not like Measha Bruggergosman, of course, but significant. More importantly, the routine he and Meryl Davis did Sunday actually made me forget they were ice dancers. That was fun. The USA could be looking at 2 medals in ice dancing. Who’d a thought?
  • Another word about commercials: Is the Honda commercial with the lady singing “Happy Birthday to the Presidents” national? Her voice drives me nuts. Ugh.
  • Finally, my girls have watched plenty of the Olympics. Proof: They’re playing snowboarding on the Wii (Deca Sports—10 games for $20, which earns me a parenting gold), complete with commentary in an overly dramatic, male sportscaster voice. Just like I used to do while playing basketball as a kid. :) And after the race, my 10 year old segued into a human interest story: “The gold medal winner’s sister has been in a wheelchair her whole life…”

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14 Responses

  1. Another reason to cheer for Charlie White and Meryl Davis-they are both attending the University of Michigan!

  2. I noticed that, Bob. I’m cheering for them anyway. Just like I’m cheering for Rafalski despite his being a Red Wing. :)

    Ryan Miller hales from Michigan, too. Nice day for your state.

  3. Nice day for Michigan… was the bobsled built by Ford?

  4. Funny, I’ve hated Drury ever since he played for the Avs. You probably liked Claude Lemieux too.

    But as for the USA-Canada game, beating a country at its own game is priceless. Next up, England. World Cup. June 12th

  5. Well, the sour grapes are really spilling over up here. One commenter said we only have three problems: scoring, defence, and goaltending.

    Personally, I think our program has had difficulty in assembling a team for some time. For some reason we have had a horrible time at the Olympics since the pros have been involved, except for Salt Lake.

    But, hey, how about our curlers? (Although the ladies did lose a game tonight…)

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  6. Don,

    What’s all this about Canadian women losing their curlers?

  7. Ben, there’s a rumor going around that Johnny Weir took them.

    Nice, Jeff. Michigan has a good day, and you bring up Ford. Kill-joy.

  8. At least he didn’t bring up Chevy, or Chrysler!

  9. Who in the world thought Costas flying in would be a riveting beginning to NBC’s prime time coverage tonight? Yikes.

  10. LOVE your daughter’s wheelchair story. Price. Less.

  11. She’s got a future an NBC.

    This article discusses the smarm. Shockingly, it says Costas is usually calm vs. syrupy. Seriously?

  12. Just to set the record straight, Ryan Miller played for Michigan State, not that other team in Ann Arbor.

  13. So far so good… first period against Russia, almost total domination by Canada.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  14. ok, left for church with 3 minutes to go and the game well in hand…

    Then got home to see that Canada finished 1 and 2 in Women’s 2-Man bobsled. How does that work – women’s 2-Man???

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

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