My Jesus, Fair Octavo and Orchestration Available

By God’s grace, Greg Habegger’s choral arrangement of My Jesus, Fair has been very well received. Almost 1000 copies have been sold since it was released 3 weeks ago. We’re thrilled to be able help church and school choirs point their hearers Christ-ward, whether for Good Friday, Easter, or other services. The song’s focus on Christ’s atoning death, triumphant resurrection, and promised return is glorious, especially when the congregation joins on the last verse. We have nothing better to sing of than Christ!

We appreciate this kind endorsement of the song by Pastor Dave Doran. Thank you!

The orchestration by Nikki Eoute and Brian Buda is now available along with the octavo at the CWM Store. (You can view a pdf sample of the orchestration here.) The entire piece (including choir, orchestra, and congregation) can be heard in this video, a recording of its debut during a live service at Bob Jones University in November 2009.


Note: relies largely on word of mouth to get the word out about our resources. Please share a link to this post with friends (especially music pastors or teachers) via email, twitter, blogs, or Facebook. Your help is tremendously appreciated.


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