Doing What Only We Can in Haiti

Bob Bixby (Global Grace Missions) offers a great perspective regarding the tragedy in Haiti. Whereas the unsaved can provide immediate help for the mind-numbing and desperate physical needs in Haiti the via Red Cross, national efforts, and other displays of common grace (for which I rejoice), there are some things that only believers can do. Specifically, only Christians can ministering gospel grace to those whose darkness is spiritual as well as physical. Only Christians can offer Haitians gospel-saturated help.

Bob is communicating with veteran missionary and Haitian native Hantz Bernard to determine where Christian muscle and money can accomplish the most for Christ’s name. That means waiting. Thus, Bob wisely urges thoughtful, prayerful patience. I agree with him. The needs are overwhelming. However, Christian dollars are best used in distinctly Christian displays of compassion. Rather than investing in a quick-hit help, then moving on once the needs of Haiti fade from the front page (as most of the world will do), plan now to invest in ways that only Christians can, whether via Global Grace or other sound ministries.


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  1. Bro Chris,
    Hantz is a good friend of mine. His heart is burdened for not only his fellow minister friends (Maxime Pierre-Pierre and Edouard Lassegue are two that come to mind as well as numbers who operate through the seminary), but also for his co-laborers in the Creole translation of the OT, and various family members (his sister Arnould is a JW). He is headed to Haiti this week, and taking along with him 100,000 tracts in Creole. Folks can go to the Bibles International website to contribute toward that effort if they feel so inclined.

  2. Hantz leaves tomorrow for Haiti. There is an update on the BI website [url=]here[/url] regarding the welfare of specific individuals, the current state of things, and details for donating funds.

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