Gratitude for Joe Tyrpak

I spent a few minutes in the beginning of my November 22 morning message to express to the TCBC body the blessing that Joe Tyrpak has been to our church and to my life. Much of what the Lord has taught me over the last 5 years (including much of what I’ve posted here) has been the result of conversations with Joe, books Joe has recommended, and messages Joe has preached. He’s been a great assistant pastor for me, shoring up my weaknesses and helping me minister more effectively. More than that, he’s been a great pastor for me, teaching me the Word and pointing me to Christ. I thank the Lord for him and want MTC readers to know what a blessing he’s been.

Here’s a 2-minute clip from that message. Thanks, Joe!


3 Responses

  1. We are very grateful for Pastor Joe!

  2. Even when Joe worked for me at BJ, I appreciated his sober-mindedness towards things of God. So glad to see one of “my guys” faithfully serving the Lord in such a great place. You got a good man, Chris.

  3. Having had the blessing of co-laboring with Joe when he was interning(?) at Grace during a summer while still at BJ, I benefited from his maturity as a Christian early in his life. Now, as one of my pastors, I continue to grow and benefit while God works through him. Words of thanks and gratitude cannot fully express what Pastor Joe means to me and my family. I thank God for him. NE Ohio is rich with men and women God has called to minister through, Pastor Joe and Hannah are affecting the lives of many and are vital members of His army!

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