On 500,000 Hits at MTC

Two Cent StampWhile I was out of town, MTC passed the “half a million hits” mark. When I made my first post back on February 2, 2006 I never imagined that it would be so fun, so personally edifying, and such a source of fellowship with likeminded believers. Much of what I’ve posted here has been just for kicks—funny stuff. Some posts have been quite controversial, though not for the sake of controversy, as much as I know my heart. Most of it’s been pretty temporary: the shelf-life for the average blog post is less than two days. But by God’s grace, there’s some lasting fruit from MTC—friendships, ministry discussions, and perhaps most significantly, hymns (which were first posted here, but now reside at ChurchWorksMedia.com). It’s been a blessing…most of the time.

I praise the Lord for the opportunity. I’m not at all certain that MTC will be around long enough to pass the 1,000,000 hits mark, but it’s been a pleasure heretofore! Thank you, friends, for reading!

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!” Psalm 115:1


5 Responses

  1. I came to know about you from a friend who recommended your parenting series of sermons. I have listened to them all now on my little MP3 and what a blessing they have been. Thanks for your service to our Lord!

    Mom to Samuel (3) and Jacob (21 mos.)
    Clermont, FL

  2. Congrats! Yay!!

  3. Don’t you wish you had “two cents” for every post? =)

  4. Just one question…does this count the number of people who read posts via RSS feeds? Probably not. So, for people like me that rarely frequent this “physical” blog, you don’t get those hits. What a tragedy! ;-)

  5. Good point, Kris. We’re probably actually pushing 5 mill. ;)

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