Beautiful Recording of His Robes for Mine

I stumbled upon this beautiful recording of His Robes for Mine Monday night, I’ve been enjoying it ever since, and I’ve received permission to post it here. The quintet is comprised of 5 sisters, pictured below:


  • Top-left (Alexis Huron, 20)
  • Top-right (Olivia Huron, 18)
  • Center (Heather Huron, 22, daughter-in-law)
  • Bottom-left (Cilicia Huron, 20, twin to Alexis)
  • Bottom-right (Anita Huron, 25)

Their father is Santiago Huron, Pastor of Heritage Bible Church in Lutz, Florida. Pastor Santiago and his wife Anita have 14 children and are very intentional about their ministry in their home. You can find out more about them here.

I love the recording, in part because the sweet blend and harmonies remind me of the group my mother was in when she was in college (blog post here, recording of Fairest Lord Jesus here)…and probably in part because I have 4 daughters. :)

Thank you, ladies! Beautiful job. Our Savior deserves whole-hearted, thoughtful praise! May the Lord bless you as you point people Christ-ward with your lives, words, and songs!


(Sheet music for His Robes for Mine can be obtained for free here, and other resources for worship found at


7 Responses

  1. Your link to pastor Huron is broken…

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  2. Should work now. Thanks, Don.

  3. Really lovely.

    This type of harmony is so beautiful, and it is a delight to hear it from someone other than the nuns in “Sound of Music”!

  4. Exactly right, Diane. Perfect. :)

  5. I have the distinct pleasure of knowing these five beautiful young ladies and of hearing them sing their praises weekly at
    HBC in Lutz, Florida. They are a joy to know and a whole choir unto themselves.

  6. […] thinking on it, I’ve asked the Huron ladies (friends of mine who did such a nice job on His Robes for Mine) to record it so we could hear it. They did a nice job, as expected. (Thanks for that!) We’re […]

  7. […] few years ago I posted a link of several sisters singing His Robes for Mine. I eventually got to meet the Huron family at their Florida home for a […]

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