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Invest in Tri-County Bible Church

TCBC is in the midst of a bond program to finish up our new building. From the church’s perspective, it’s essentially a loan. But from the individual investors’ perspective, it’s an opportunity to invest in something of eternal consequence. Most of the bonds are going “in house,” but some are available for friends of the church. It’s an especially good opportunity, I believe, for those who are…

  • taking a beating in the stock market, and/or
  • looking for a stable long or short-term investment option, and/or
  • holding stock in a company with whom they’re no longer employed and interested in rolling it over into another investment, and/or
  • wanting to invest for this world while also influencing the next.

I’m no investment specialist, obviously. But it may be an opportunity that would be a “win” for the reader and for the church. If you’d like more information, drop me a note at pastor.chris.anderson(a)gmail.com and I can put you in touch with the national church bond management company that is servicing the program for us. Thanks!


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