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cw_logomustardThere are a lot of updates at, including a new setting of Psalm 46 by Joe Tyrpak and a beautiful mp3 of Matt LaCava introducing My Jesus, Fair to Heritage Bible Church a few weeks ago. Read on.

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New Psalm: God Is Our Strength and Refuge (Psalm 46)

Joe Tyrpak continues ministering to the church by providing another fresh and stirring psalm setting for congregational use. As usual, Joe works through Psalm 46 phrase by phrase, then climaxes with a stanza pointing to Jesus Christ as the perfect fulfillment of the psalm. The tune is intentionally familiar (Aurelia, or The Church’s One Foundation) and matches well the spirit of the psalm. Introduce it to your church soon!

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Thus far, has been supported almost exclusively by the generosity of people who have donated their time and abilities—writers, composers, artists, techies, etc. However, to enable the site to continue its ministry in the future, including the provision of free hymns and psalms, we’re asking for some financial help via donations from individuals or churches. Details here.

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We’re planning to publish an occasional newsletter providing updates and information from CWM. Please sign up for the newsletter here.

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Coming Soon: Sampler

The next major project we’re working on at CWM is the production of a demo recording that will provide a soloist or choral recording of each of our psalms and hymns. Lord willing, it will be available for download from iTunes later this fall. This simple album is being produced by local churches, in local churches, and for local churches. Details to follow!

My Jesus Fair MP3—Matt LaCava

Until the demo recording is available, enjoy this beautiful recording of My Jesus, Fair, sung by Matt LaCava and accompanied by Pastor Eric Sipe during a recent service at Heritage Bible Church in Greer, SC. The last verse, in which the congregation joins to sing of Christ’s triumph, is especially powerful. What a great way to introduce a new hymn to your church family!


3 Responses

  1. Chris,

    Thanks for what you are putting out. I love that rendition of “My Jesus Fair”. One of my favorite congregational singing memories is of singing “O Church Arise” when Heritage introduced it to their congregation at a missions conference a couple years back. Glorious to hear 800-1000 people singing that text. BTW, Eric accompanied then as well. He’s one of my favorites on the piano. He has that knack of really being able to provide support that frees the congregation to truly lift their voice.

  2. Thank you, Mark, for your encouragement and generosity today. Praise the Lord. By God’s grace, we’ll keep at it. The writing process is what Joe Tyrpak calls “meditation on steroids,” and it’s great for us regardless of whether the songs are useful elsewhere. Thankfully, though, they have been. Again, praise the Lord.

    LaCava’s voice is adequate, eh? :)

  3. Chris,

    “Meditation on steroids” is a great way to look at the writing process. It shows in the texts you guys are putting out.

    LaCava’s voice is tremendous. What a tool. And like you said, what a great way to introduce new music to the congregation.


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