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More on Vick: Burress Gets 2 Years

I suggested in a post last week that the variance between Michael Vick’s doing time for killing dogs and Donte’ Stallworth’s getting a slap on the wrist for DUI manslaughter was a chilling reflection on our society. You can hurt or kill people and we’ll get over it; just don’t mess with dogs.

Well, it’s not getting any saner out there. Plaxico Burress, another NFL star, just got sentenced to two years in prison —not for a fatal DUI, and not for killing dogs. Burress shot someone in the leg with an unregistered fire arm. Himself.

I’m not defending Burress any more than I was defending Vick. Both broke the law in cruel (Vick), dangerous (Burress), and stupid (both) ways. Both deserved some kind of punishment. But the fact that both did more time than Stallworth is crazy. Human life just isn’t worth much in 21st century America—not the life of a 61 year old man DUI victim, and not the life of an unborn baby.

2 Responses

  1. Excellent observations, Chris. Another contrast that deserves notice is between Vick’s (or Burress for that matter) and Rick Pitino’s actions and their punishments (or lack of punishment.) In the mix of the Pitino scandal it seems that few remember that an unborn baby is the one who was really “punished.” Such a revelation of the need for the gospel; we shouldn’t expect unbelievers to respond much differently.

  2. You’re right, Tim. Should have included the Pitino angle. Thanks for chiming in. And you’re right—rather than simply being disgusted we should be reminded again of how much people need the gospel.

    I appreciate what you’re doing at MM! Blessings!

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