Reconsider the Call to Foreign Missions

slingshotI preached Sunday at Tri-County Bible Church on the call to foreign missions from Acts 13:1-4, a tremendous text that records the church at Antioch’s sending out its first pastors, Barnabas and Saul, to the foreign field. What a great church! What a compelling model for TCBC and your home church in so many ways: their outreach to previous unreached people, their discipleship, their grace, their joy, their decentralization, their generosity, and especially their “slingshotting” of missionaries who have been separated unto the ministry by the Holy Spirit.

As I prepared for the message, I emailed several missionary friends—heroes of mine—and asked them to give me an idea of how the Lord worked through His Word to indicate to them His calling on their lives in this vital way. (My friend Dave Hosaflook discusses it here, and I plan to make a series of blog posts on their excellent answers here at MTC.) The result of those conversations and my study of the Scriptures is this message on International Evangelism. (I apologize for the poor recording quality and for the fact that about 5 minutes of the sermon is lost in the middle.)

By God’s grace, the response from those who were present indicates that the Lord is using the message. Please pray with me that the Lord will raise up laborers for His harvest from TCBC…and perhaps from the readers of MTC! Most importantly, stop assuming that God has not called you to the thrilling and vital work of worldwide evangelization. Perhaps He’ll use this far from perfect message to provoke some profitable meditations. I pray so!


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  1. R. A. Torrey wrote that every Christian should specifically tell God that they are willing to go to a foreign mission field if He calls them…and that they should act like missionaries at home if He doesn’t.

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