Kauflin? I’ve Been Called Worse.

This made me smile—a recent search engine term from ChurchWorksMedia.com (cropped from a screenshot):

Kauflin HR4M

You can find “His Robes for Mine” and other new hymns here, and you can find Bob Kauflin here. Don’t feel bad—people confuse us all the time. :)

I do appreciate Bob’s devotion to Christ, the intentionality of his approach to worship, and the songs he’s provided for the Lord’s people, including “In the First Light,” “Grace Unmeasured,” “O Great God,” and “The Gospel Song” (music). I hope he’s not offended by the search. :)


7 Responses

  1. Do you let out distracting yelps while you’re supposed to be leading in song?

  2. Occasionally.

    Man, Dan, you’re getting more “fightin’ fundamentalist” all the time. I actually appreciated the way he led at T4G…albeit in what I once dubbed a “straitjacket.”

  3. Yes, well, great. That would make one of us. Invariably took me right out of the song.

    Since he’s doing that, and he’s leading us, shouldn’t that mean that we all yelp responsively?

    Picture that.

    I’m hearing a kennel.

  4. Knowing you as well as I do, I would have to think that you have been called much worse. In fact, I am thinking right now of four or five much more terrible names to call you. Excuse me while I go repent.

  5. New title for this post: “I’ve Been Called Worse by Dan and Andrew.”

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever called you anything bad. Out loud. In your hearing.

  7. I enjoy checking Chris’ blog once in a while, I think we agree about 99% of the time. I grew up “fundamentalist”, and recently joined a Sovereign Grace church. I wasn’t looking for that particular style of worship, but the other aspects of the church appeared to be what God had in store for my family. I can honestly say that it is not an insult to be associated with Bob Kauflin. For the most part, Chris is gracious in his assessment of Sovereign Grace, but some of you folks come on here and it just appears that you are poking fun. Criticism and questioning can be helpful, but in the times we live in, with so much “watered down” teaching going around, we need to be careful not to be divisive where scripture would encourage us to be in unity. I think my SG church and Chris’ church have a ton more in common than we do differences.

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