“United Breaks Guitars”

This is too funny, especially because I’ve had some really bad experiences with United Airlines (lost luggage in Greece, a lost day in Turkey, etc.). A little customer service could have saved United Airlines some really, really bad press. But since they dropped the ball (repeatedly), twanger Dave Carroll is on a little PR campaign of his own. You can read about it here. Brilliant.

(Disclaimer: I don’t approve of guitars, country music, or United Airlines. More seriously, I do regret that he takes the Lord’s name in vain at 0:30. So unnecessary. Sigh.)


4 Responses

  1. That is awesome! I love capitalism!

  2. This resonates with me! My absolute worst flying experiences have been with United Airlines:
    As an auditor with Ernst & Young, I had to work out-of-state the entire week of my 1st wedding anniversary, so I couldn’t wait to fly home on Friday. Our 1st flight, Newark to Dulles, was overbooked, but they reassured us we would all make it on the next one. (We didn’t.) They sent us about 3 different places to try to book other flights. Finally I was told me there were no other flights that would get me anywhere near home tonight, so I would have to spend the night in Newark. I was so disappointed I was nearly in tears. I said to the United guy, “I’m sorry–it’s just I’ve missed my 1st wedding anniversary. . .” and he cut me off to taunt me, “Oh did you miss your an-ni-vers-ar-y?!?!”
    Okay, United: It’s one thing to overbook your flights on Friday afternoon; it’s another thing to taunt the passengers when they’re disappointed. . . .
    Then two weeks later, my husband and I spent Christmas night in Chicago’s O’Hare because United’s baggage handlers didn’t show up for work that day. . .
    I vowed I would never ever fly United again! And I haven’t.

  3. This was great.

    You’ve probably already read Kevin Bouder’s articled Fundamentalism: Whence? Where? Whither? Part 1
    Things Have Changed . He states “A breakaway group, the Ohio Bible Fellowship, positioned itself on the opposite end of fundamentalism and looked primarily to Bob Jones University for influence.”

    Would you say that was an accurate assessment of the beginning for the OBF? Has anything changed?


  4. Fly with Delta Airlines next time! They are the best!

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