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Be edified (for free) by mincymedia.

Dave MincyI’ve admired my friend Dave Mincy’s musical gifts ever since we were in the BJU Symphonic Band together when I was a freshman in college. (Precious memories. He was a musician and trombonist. I was a trombonist. Kind of.) Fast forward almost 20 years, and both of us are trying to contribute to the Christ-honoring, conservative Christian music repertoire in different ways. (Aside: Dave’s helping another friend of mine, Mike Knight, at Community Baptist Church, a vibrant church plant in Garner, NC.)

Dave’s site, mincymedia, provides a wide variety of music resources, almost all of which are downloadable. We’ve used one of his choral arrangements (“Wesley’s Carol”) at TCBC, and his mp3 recordings of “In Christ Alone” and “Speak, O Lord” (available here) are among my family’s favorite sacred instrumental tracts. Buy them; they’re well worth the $1.98 you’ll spend, and you’ll thank me later. Both also have sheet music available here.

For the next week or so, Dave is providing an mp3 and sheet music of his solo piano arrangement of “Like a River Glorious” for free. (Details at Dave’s blog.) It’s beautifully and simply done. And (I’ll mention a third time) it’s free, though it would be worth paying for.

Get to know mincymedia. And thanks for your ministry, Dave!

6 Responses

  1. You know Mike Knight?!?! My wife and I as well as a few people from our old church went to Garner to help canvas the neighborhood for them a few weeks before they started holding services at an elementary school. Small world.

  2. Yes, though he’s a LOT older than me. He was my dorm counselor my freshman year at BJU, and he’s another good EZX guy. :)

  3. EZX??? I thought you were Omega…either that or Basil…I must be getting old…can’t remember these things :)

    Seriously, thanks for the kind words and promo for my bro.

  4. I like you, Mark. So let’s pretend you didn’t just accuse me of Omega or Basil. ;)

  5. I used to feel sorry for anyone associated with BJ music because I thought they had been trained to constantly rearrange and change good music and can’t leave well enough alone. They don’t seem to know about the phrase that “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.” I thought this was the reason that they can never seem to win on American Idle. I may have to reevaluate my position. It appears as if the show might be rigged! That is a tragedy!

  6. […] Sacred Piano Album from Mincymedia.com Posted on August 18, 2009 by Chris A few weeks ago I mentioned the ministry of my friend Dave Mincy and his website, mincymedia.com. In order to get the word out […]

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