Tomorrow’s Sermon in 140 Characters

Twitter requires people to communicate in 140 characters or less—no easy task for verbose preachers like me. Nevertheless, here’s tomorrow’s sermon in 140 characters per my latest tweet:

Mat 8-9: Leper. Soldier. Demoniacs. Cripple. Publicans. Sinners. Dead. Sick. Blind. Mute. All had man’s contempt. All had Jesus’ compassion.

What a Savior we have! Praise Him with thoughtfulness, humility, and fervency when you gather with His body tomorrow!


3 Responses

  1. Mercy, am I excited about tomorrow’s message. So many rich, compelling, convicting truths from Christ’s example. How grateful I am for a divine appointment with my buddy B.E. that has resulted in such rich meditations for me, and I trust for TCBC, as well. Praise the Lord for a forgotten diaper bag that made the appointment necessary! :)

  2. Short sermon, though… 140 characters.

    Early dismissal, or lots and lots of choruses and announcements?

  3. Lots and lots and lots of unpacking. :)

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