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Lessons on Temptation’s End from Female Fireflies

FireflyProverbs repeatedly warns the simpleton about the deception of the temptress. She promises pleasure but in the end delivers only destruction (Prov 5:3-5, 11; 6:27, 32-33; 9:18). Solomon appeals to a number of “prey” illustrations to make his point (6:26; 7:22-23, 26). Although those are more than sufficient, my five-year-old and I just found another example of temptress turned huntress. Gracie proudly announced to me that she had captured some firefly pets and asked, “What do lightning bugs eat?” We googled it and found the following answer here:

“Adult Lightning Bugs, who can live for several months, probably feed on plant nectar. A few adult Lightning Bug species practice an especially tricky kind of cannibalism. Already-mated females emit flashes similar to the female responses to male Lightning Bugs of other species. When the male of the other species lands, the female emitting the false flashes pounces on the poor male and eats him!”

Gulp. Read and heed. (More on the destruction of sensuality here.)

2 Responses

  1. Yikes. That’s an uncomfortably good illustration. I think Solomon would have liked it… before he fell willing victim to it himself.

  2. Thanks for the illustration! I will be able to use that often, and remember it for my own benefit as well.

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