Coming Soon: Godly Grief Series

I’ve had a lot of conversations in recent days with people that have apologized for their tears and heartaches as though grieving is somehow ungodly. That’s just not true. It’s another sacred cow that needs to be kicked, then butchered and barbequed. I plan to make a series of posts on Godly Grief over the next few weeks. Just so you know.


3 Responses

  1. Amen. You’d have to axe a lot of psalms, much of Jeremiah, and one whole book (—hello? —”Lamentations”?) otherwise.

  2. From Gill’s Exposition:
    “Jesus wept.” (John 11:35)

    “As he was going along to the grave, see (John 11:28) ; as he was meditating upon the state of his friend Lazarus, the distress his two sisters were in, and the greater damnation that would befall the Jews then present, who, notwithstanding the miracle, would not believe in him. This shows him to be truly and really man, subject to like passions, only without sin.”

  3. Another one that to me is parallel to this is “being troubled” (ie John 12:28). Close seconds, but I think have already been (or are presently) in the chute ready to be butchered is godly anger. (It seems someone else took this one on recently).

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