Anyone Here Speak Five-Year-Old?

DSC05221Last night my family enjoyed translating my youngest daughter’s email to my Dad, and I thought some MTC readers might enjoy giving it a try. Five-year-old-ish is a language that can only be acquired by immersion; Babelfish won’t help with this one. Good luck.



14 Responses

  1. Teaching Charismatic utterings? Speaking in tongues? I don’t get it!

  2. “Dear Grandpa, Guess what.? I finally know how to read. I love you very much. Love, Gracie”

    Or I could be totally wrong on the middle part…does she watch Jay Leno? =)

  3. Written before looking at any comments:

    “Dear Grandpa. Guess what? I finally know how to read! Love you very, very much, from Gracie.”

    How’s that?

  4. “Dear Grandpa,

    I am in the process of developing a coded language based on stochastic algorithms. Thought you’d might want to check it out. Love you very very much, Gracie.”

    Or something like that. :)

  5. Very good, Diane and Dan. I think “vv” is “very” (single). Not bad, though. Dan, what if I told you have the gift of interpretation? I’ve always wondered, given your cessationist views. :)

    Nik, that is hilarious.

  6. I’d tell you the Lord told me you were full of beans.

    In Christian love.


  7. Now, if he can interpret this, we’ll know he has the gift:

  8. “Five-year-oldish is a language that can only be acquired by immersion”

    “Dan, what if I told you you have the gift of interpretation?”

    Your daughter must have been writing about the baptism of the Holy Spirit :-).

  9. I’m wanting to know which kindergarten program you’re using with Gracie. I was not aware that some were incorporating texting into their phonics program. :)

  10. She’s just doing what she saw Mama doing, Diane.


  11. Well, that’s your interpretation. Wait. What? =)

  12. My friend Jim has challenged my initial call, throwing his red flag all the way from Atlanta. Thus, I’ve conferred with the author about her intended meaning and…

    “After further review,” the sentence should read “I love you very, very much.”

    Dan was right. More evidence of non-cessationism showing up in the most unlikely places.

  13. It takes a great man to admit error.

    However, I’d call it more a matter of textual criticism than anything ookie-spookie.


  14. On the matter of translation/interpretation: Beware of software translators! A French newspaper, La Tribune, is currently experimenting with software that will translate the online version of the newspaper. Here are some headlines from today’s edition.

    “The French budget deficit grew hollow of 38 billion euros in one year”

    “The MFA sermonizes the owners on their wages”

    “General Motors leaves the regime of the bankruptcies”

    And my favorite:

    “Crispations with the National Assembly on Sunday work”

    You’ll have to look up “crispations” for yourself. Check their website:

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