Introducing The Puritans Society

My friend Andrew Henderson has invited me to participate in reading theological classics with him at a new blog entitled The Puritans Society. We’ve both been uphappy with the “chronological snobbery” that is evidenced by our reading the living and ignoring the dead, despite the fact that their works have stood the test of time. As a happy remedy for that, we’re going to be reading and discussing literature from the Puritans and other writers of previous centuries together along with anyone else who would appreciate the fellowship. Andrew explains the purpose for starting the site here. He’s a good friend, and will be a great discussion leader.

We’ll be starting with the first two chapters of John Owen’s The Mortification of Sin next Monday, July 13th. It’s available online here if you don’t own it. Thoughtful discussion breeds thoughtful discussion, so please join us! And thanks, Andrew!


3 Responses

  1. Chris,
    good on ya. I will work to start on TMoS again…
    Sam Hendrickson

  2. Im onboard! Owen’s is great, if not a little difficult to comprehend at times. I find myself reading some sentences through about five times. Good stuff.

  3. […] right, I am a snob. Kind of disconcerting to be labeled as such, but when it’s C.S. Lewis and Chris Anderson that are doing it then maybe I should pay […]

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