I’m Twittering (blush)

I’ve resisted using Twitter, essentially because the world is already too full of narcissistic ways to give “too-much-information.” (There’s a lot of truth to this.) However…

Piper’s recent statements regarding boasting and self-pity have convinced me that saying something spiritually significant in 140 characters or less can actually be a profitable exercise, both to help me think and write with precision and succinctness and perhaps to help others think on biblical concepts. I’ll not be tweeting about folding laundry or having an ingrown toenail, but I will occasionally post a quick meditation or link. If you’re interested in reading, my Twitter ID is ChrisOAnderson.


6 Responses

  1. Via Phil Johnson…

  2. Funny, Greg. Did he tweet that? :)

  3. in fact, he did! :-)

  4. Why not tweet about your Irish heritage, Chris O’Anderson!

  5. I see. So, when you do it, it’s actually an advance in spiritual discipline.

    (I still haven’t actually understood how it works. Because of who’s doing it [now including YOU], I figure there’s something to it. But I don’t get it.)

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