My Ring Bearer and the College World Series

Dan GrovattMy wife’s cousin, Dan Grovatt, is a great guy. He’s also a major contributor to the Virginia Cavaliers’ baseball team, which advanced today in the College World Series by upsetting Cal State Fullerton. (Article here.) Dan hit cleanup today and had an impressive .360 batting average and 50 RBI’s this season as a sophomore. Way to go, Dan!

(FWIW, I played catch with him in his basement back in the day. Besides, he was the ring bearer in my wedding. I’m not taking credit for his abilities, of course. I’d never. But something might have rubbed off. Just saying.)


4 Responses

  1. I noticed he is a Jersey kid! Figures. Did I ever tell you I played golf with Tiger Woods? :)

  2. Did you check his error and strikeout stats? I would suggest that this is the only real way to know if something “rubbed off”.

  3. If your “athletic ability” rubbed off on him, his numbers are not incredibly impressive. They are absolutely miraculous.

    See you at the conference.

  4. […] Posted on June 17, 2009 by Chris Dan Grovatt, my wife’s cousin, just went deep in the bottom of the 8th to extend Virginia’s lead […]

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