On My MP3 Player: So High the Price

SPEA So High the PriceMy mp3 player is full of Gospel-centered music chosen from a variety of CD’s in my collection. As I listen, it’s a bit surprising how many of the songs have been recorded by the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team or people who once traveled with them, like the Kevin Inafuku and the Galkin Evangelistic Team (who recently recorded My Jesus, Fair). That’s not an accident. I very much appreciate (a) their selection of music that rejoices in our Savior and His work, and (b) their vocalizations that seem…well…interested. It seems sometimes that fundamentalists can preach with vigor and expressiveness, but must sing with a Spock-like seriousness that borders on being emotionally disengaged. The Pettit teams have kicked, butchered, and barbecued that sacred cow. Good riddance.

Their latest recording, So High the Price, includes several selections from Stuart Townend and The Gettys (See, What a Morning and Merciful God), and Bob Kauflin (The Look, O Great God, Mercies Anew, and Grace Unmeasured). When I jokingly asked one of the team members (hint: the one who preaches a lot) about that, his explanation was simply, “Chris, we’re just trying to sing songs that actually say something.” There’s a thought. In addition to finding such songs (including the title song, which is great!), they’re producing them. I’ll close with a new and Christ-honoring text from Steve. First, though, I want to commend the CD to you and thank the Pettits for their breath-of-fresh-air influence and ministry. Thanks for making much of Christ!

The Precious Blood
(Text by Steve Pettit; Music by Rebekah Snyder)

The precious blood of Jesus Christ, the covenant of grace,
Unveils the wonders of God’s love to Adam’s fallen race.
The Sov’reign King who died for all redeems us from our sin,
And makes us kings and priests of God, where we shall reign with Him.

The precious blood of Jesus Christ, a new and living way,
Gives access to a holy place, where we can boldly pray.
In trying times of grief and pain, a throne of grace is ours,
Where mercy flows for every need, with God’s sustaining power.

The precious blood of Jesus Christ, the song of saints above,
Who glory in the Risen Lamb, and boast of God’s great love.
From ev’ry nation, tribe, and tongue, one body all are we,
A people joined by grace alone, for all eternity.


6 Responses

  1. I share your opinion. Gorgeous. We need more.

  2. The title song, “So High the Price,” is especially nice. Beautiful.

  3. Bro Chris,
    There is a better link at the Pettit site, which gives a less “distracting” version that allows the lyrics to be appreciated, even tho it is just a snatch. I’d give the URL here, but my code is not cooperating.

    And, the word “interested” from your post has me thinking. Yes, that’s exactly it.

  4. Chris, I share your appreciation for this CD and others by the Pettit Team. When they were at our church this past spring, one of the songs they did was So High the Price, and since then our church choir has sung it. Wonderful song! It’s great to find music that makes much of Christ. As has been noted, the words actually say something and the music is beautiful. Could I keep going on and on? :-)

  5. […] I enjoy. But the last two recordings I’ve purchased—this and the Pettit Team’s So High the Price—focus on the cross almost exclusively. The Christ-centeredness of both recordings is […]

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