Borrowing Brains: Resources on the Doctrines of Man and Sin

In a few weeks I’m preaching a one-sermon synopsis of the doctine of man, followed the next week by another on the doctrine of sin. Are there resources that you’ve found to be especially helpful for one or both—online articles, sermons, portions of books, etc.? If so, please chime in. Thanks!


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  1. As usual, is exceedingly helpful.

  2. Berkhof’s Systematic Theology has clear and concise explanations on some of these topics. He is more classic Reformed, so coming from a covenant perspective, but still has helpful analysis and verse references, ie on the subject of Satan’s fall, for example. I found it helpful when I recently did a junior church lesson on sin – where it came from, how it works, and how to solve it.

  3. A few weeks ago, I found the following article:
    He lists about 200 passages that answer different questions about the total depravity of man. He does not offer analysis of any of the passages, but it is a good survey of the data.

  4. This is a sort of strange recommend, as it’s from a commentary, not a systematic. However, in the first several chapters of Moo’s commentary on Romans, if my memory serves me, there are several places where he spends time explaining what he means by “culpable depravity,” basically that fallen humans do what they want to do, and until regeneration, what they want to do is wickedness. Simple, but helpful to me.

  5. D-Cubed, thanks for helping out an old man. Very good!

  6. For concise but helpful summaries of doctrine, the Westminster Confession and Catechisms are a good resource. I especially like the Shorter Catechism Project ( that hyperlinks each question in the WSC to several commentaries and a Whitecross’s “The Shorter Catechism Illustrated” (potential sermon illustrations).

    As the site states: Click on any of the individual questions below to get the answer and Biblical references, as well as links to works by John Flavel, Thomas Watson, Thomas Boston, James Fisher, and John Whitecross, and others.

  7. Grudem’s chapter on the doctrine of man (in his Systematic Theology) is an excellent resource, IMO. I’m sure his chapter on sin is good also, but I remember being especially impressed with the chapter on man (especially his section discussing God’s image in man).

  8. In “Think Biblically”, gen. ed. John MacArthur, there is a few chapters dealing with these topics. Chapter 2 – “Cultivating a Biblical Mind-set” deals a lot with depravity and the fact that scripture teaches that the mind of man is corrupted by sin. It then goes on to show how through Christ our mind can be redeemed and then to show how the redeemed mind should now react.

    Chapter 4 is entitled “Coming to Grips with Sin” and obviously deals with the doctrine of sin.

    I have been using the book in my studies for a sermon series on “Obtaining a Biblical Worldview” and it has been a big very profitable.

  9. Willing to Believe by Sproul encapsulates the best from Luther and Edwards. It is highly readable as well.

    This book summarizes the key affects of the Fall on man and thus helps with both topics at the same time.

  10. Kris Lundegaard is excellent (updating – and simplfying! – a couple of Owen’s works on this)…he uses great examples of the nature of sin…

  11. Also the Puritan Raph Venning, The Sinfulness of Sin, online here ( I have the Banner of Truth edition, and it is hugely convicting, seeing sin for the wickedness it truly is…

  12. I’m getting a tad worried (not in a sinful way) here – you haven’t posted anything for over a week!!!!!!

    Did the borrowed brains put you on overload?????

  13. Just on vacation and away from internet access, Samantha. :)

  14. In Berkouwer’s Studies in Dogmatics series, he has a volume titled Man, The Image of God, and another titled Sin.

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