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Comic Relief

I’ve been collecting some “snickers” for a while and figure the flogosphere could probably use some comic relief about now. Enjoy.


Timely Social Commentary from Despair.com

1. This is funny and true.

2. This if true, but not funny.

(More Despair.com favorites here.)


You Might Be a Bad Parent…

if you think decorating your child’s bedroom like this is a good idea. I like Bruce, but that has a lifetime of counseling written all over it.


Speaking of Parenting…

I laughed and cringed at my five-year-old’s botched Scripture memory attempt several weeks ago:

“Be ye kind one to another…and thou shalt be saved.”

It seems we have some work to do. On the bright side, at least she’s committing her heresy in the AV. Amen?


In Case You Were Wondering…

where bellybutton lint comes from, here’s your answer.

(HT: Andrew Henderson—“Why, Andy?”)


Appalachian Americans

For some reason, thinking of Andy made me think of a funny post by another friend, Rob (who has a gift for collecting funny things). It’s all about Rednecks (or, as one astute commenter notes, Appalachian Americans, which is their new “PC” designation). It includes a reference to Red Green, so you know it’s good.


Laugh or Cry

My IFB friends will enjoy this and this. Or not.

(HT: MKP for the second)


There’s a Sermon Illustration in Here Somewhere

Finally, this is one of the funniest, most satisfying videos I’ve seen in a long time.

(HT: M Buhr, from a recent men’s retreat)

14 Responses

  1. knife? thats not a knife….(remember crocodile dundee?)

  2. Leave it to an Australian. :)

  3. What can I say? I am an “Appalachian American” obsessed with the origin of belly-button lint. But at least I know who I am.

  4. Chris;
    Those Demotivators may work well with some groups, but not if you are introducing a workshop on handling anger. Some groups just don’t have a sense of humor– trust me on this one!

  5. Wow, loved the footage from your recent men’s retreat—must have been pretty exciting!! [heh,heh]

  6. I don’t find that clip humorous at all…it’s simply tragic. That guy seriously needs an image consultant…or at least a hair scrunchie.

    I’ll bet you like the Three Stooges too. What is it about preachers and violent humor? ;)

  7. Ken, that’s funny. I actually sent a few Demotivators as a gift last year. He didn’t get it and thought I was insulting him. Oops.

  8. about the bad parenting and the bedroom decorating, reminds me of my SIL, mother of two young children, who says “We don’t save for college; we save for therapy.”

    Whose therapy? I guess I would ask :)

  9. Just so everybody knows, that fight is actually from a movie called Never Back Down. That’s not the actually movie footage, but it’s from the filming of that scene. Not that there aren’t people who might act like that, but that clip isn’t real.

  10. That makes me feel better. :) My comments were [i]meant [/i]to be in jest…somehow my “lol” vanished from my post. Oh well.

  11. I knew you were goofing off, Diane.

    Matthew, I never let facts get in the way of a good story. :)

  12. […] a little funny that I stumbled upon while reading another blog this week.  I’d definitely wear it; would […]

  13. Real or not that is almost as good as the Swordsman in the first Indiana Jones —- brought a sword to a gunfight. Good pick. Patrick

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