MTC Post Discussed on Internet Monk Radio

Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk and the moderator of the Boar’s Head Tavern, addressed a portion of my post on Mark Driscoll during his recent radio podcast, #142. You can hear it here, starting at about 13:30 and ending at about 21:00.


3 Responses

  1. Well Chris,
    it’s been nice (cyber)knowing you. I don’t cotton to buddies of the imonk… :D

  2. Chris, I really think you need to put a disclaimer in your post above due to the inappropriate bumper music on Internet Monk’s podcast.

    (Has anyone ever noticed that Michael Spenser sounds a whole lot like Russel Moore?)

    ((I do not endorse Russel Moore due to his association with the evil Southern Baptist Convention.))

    (((I do not endorse Chris Anderson due to his non-disclaimer of Internet Monk and his Devil Music.)))

  3. I talk all of that back. He didn’t even know your name. Good work, Chris.

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