Help Wanted: TCBC’s Building Program

TCBC Artist RenderingWe’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel with our building program—and just 10-plus years after Tri-County Bible Church began! :) Financing a building in this economy isn’t ideal. The Lord has provided for us in almost miraculous ways, thus far, and His people have given generously. We’re more grateful than we can say. Nevertheless, we’re tightening our belts and looking for ways to save money as we finish the job. Friends of mine from TCBC have wondered out loud if there might be skilled believers who read my blog and would be interested in helping with some of the remaining jobs. I told them I’d ask and find out. So here goes! Over the next several months we’ll be hiring people to help with:

  • an audit of last year’s books as part of our loan applications (this is an immediate need)
  • an appraisal of our property value as part of our loan applications (this is an immediate need)
  • a sprinkler system (design & installations; this is a portion of the project that has been especially pricey)
  • an A/V system
  • a security system
  • insulation
  • drywall
  • acoustical ceilings
  • finish carpentry (most of which we will probably do ourselves; we’re basically looking for materials here)
  • flooring (both materials and labor)
  • emergency exit equipment (panic bars, signs, etc.; this is another unexpectedly pricey item)
  • exterior fire escapes
  • a septic system
  • utility runs (including 1200 foot runs to the road, tie-ins, etc.; cha-ching)

We have local bids for all of these, but I thought I’d ask if there are Christians who might be able to assist us and provide some significant savings. I’m not the GC, but I know him. :) If you’re able to help (and licensed, as necessary), please email me at pastorchris(a) If you’re not particularly capable in these ways but want to fund the rest of our building project or a portion thereof, well, let me know. :)

(Now there’s the kind of blog post you don’t see every day!)


8 Responses

  1. Is your church going to sell bonds?

  2. That’s pretty likely, Jim. We’re applying with Great Nation, a bond-servicing company that specializes in church building projects.

  3. I am pretty good at screwing in light bulbs. That is about the extent of my abilities. If you need any help with that, though, let me know.

    You know how fundamentalists it takes to screw in a light bulb? Fortunately, just one.

  4. I think the technical term for this kind of post is “bleg”.

    You’re welcome.

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  5. PS, I heard that fundie joke this way:

    How many fundamentalists does it take to change a light bulb?



    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

  6. Maybe you could see about a bailout from the…Nah! What was I thinking?!

    Thanking God for your ministry, and continuing to pray for your work in the homeland…blessings, dear Pastor.

  7. “Bleg.” I like it.

    Dignity is so overrated.

  8. “…an appraisal of our property value as part of our loan applications…”

    Chris, I’m not sure who helped you with the real estate contract on the purchase of your property, but I would bet he / she would be able to get you someone who could help you in this catagory.

    Also, check with the Lake County Auditor’s website. They may have an updated appraised value for your property for tax purposes.

    “…an audit of last year’s books as part of our loan applications…”

    Maybe your real estate agent may have some contacts in this field, as well.

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