New ChurchWorks Hymn Published: “I Love the Church”

Greg Habegger and I have finally finished our reworking of I Love the Church, and it’s available for free download at It rejoices in the church, but it especially exalts the church’s Head, the Lord Jesus Christ. Here are the links:


I Love the Church (Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by Greg Habegger)

Full Page / Half Page / Modulation / Text / Notes & Discussion / MP3



We often benefit from the suggestions of friends, but never more so than with this hymn, which proved to be more challenging than most for both of us. Thanks to those who helped critique the reworked text and new hymn tune. Eileen Berry was especially helpful in getting me past a mental block and helping me smooth out some troublesome lines. Thank you!

As usual, Greg has done a masterful job composing a tune that is fresh, expressive, and appropriate for the mood of the text. I asked for something that was celebratory (versus meditatively quiet) without being either silly or bombastic. He nailed it, by God’s grace. What a gift he has, and what a privilege it is to work with him! I praise the Lord for you, Greg!

It is our prayer that this hymn will exalt Christ and edify His church, for we love both!

Soli Deo Gloria! (Psalm 115:1)


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