Joe Tyrpak’s Overview of Ezekiel

Joe TyrpakOne of God’s great kindnesses to me is my co-laborer at Tri-County Bible Church, Joe Tyrpak. He’s an extremely capable leader, administrator, and artist. More importantly, though, he’s a gifted, hard-working and Christ-exalting preacher of the Word. I’m often amazed by his insights into the Scriptures, and I’m blessed to sit under his teaching ministry, as is the rest of our body.

Joe is particularly effective at summarizing a large portion of Scripture in a single message. While I’ve benefited from this on a number of occasions, I’ve never enjoyed it more than I did last week when he preached a thorough and compelling overview of the book of Ezekiel (which you can find here). I commend it to you!

Thank you, Joe, for your hard work, faithful ministry, and friendship! And thank you, Lord, for Joe!


3 Responses

  1. Is Joe going to give his 5th installment of his series on dealing with lust?

  2. Hey, Mike. Hola, mi amigo! :)

    Yes. I’ve been asked that questions several times lately. We’ve both been swamped in the last 2 weeks, but I have it and hope to post it later today. Thanks for the nudge. :)

  3. Thanks for the overview! Tell Joe thank you for letting the text speak for itself.

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