Pray for the Preacher

ipodI listen to sermons a lot, perhaps as many as 10 per week, both for my own edification and as I prepare to preach to others. I take them with me when I run, when I mow the lawn, when I’m in the car, sometimes even when I’m in the shower. (Seriously, you should spend $15 on some cheap speakers for your bathroom. Talk about “redeeming the time”!) What a blessing it is to have an almost infinite number of sermons available for our use on every possible topic and text—most for free! (Aside: Those that aren’t free should be.)

For the last month or so I’ve tried to make a habit of praying for the person who is preaching to me. “Lord, thank you for this man and his ministry of your Word. Bless him today. Protect him from tempation, for your Name’s sake. Have your hand on his ministry. Keep him humble. Give him wisdom. Meet whatever needs he has that I could never guess but You already know. Amen.”

It’s a habit I commend to you. It takes about 20 seconds, but it will be an unknown blessing to the preacher and a benefit to your own soul, helping you cultivate gratitude and selflessness. Listen to preaching. And as you do, without exception, pray for the preacher.


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  1. Chris,

    Let me echo your sentiments about “redeeming the time.” Praise God for the internet! We don’t hear those words very often, but the ability to download and listen to the Word of God anytime throughout the day (I too listen while in the shower, shaving…) has been life-changing. In our (too) busy lives, this technology allows me to go from 3 messages a week, to 8 or 9. That’s a lot more of the Word to meditate on. That’s a lot more of looking at God and marveling. The internet and my iPod have been like miraclegrow for my soul.

    Now I’ll start praying for the preachers.

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