Somewhere Mike Shanahan Is Smiling

bronco-prideNot that it matters in the real world, but the Denver Broncos’ offseason has been an unmitigated disaster. New coach Josh McDaniels couldn’t bumble more if he tried. (Alas, maybe that’s it. Maybe he’s a mole for the ever-eager-to-bend-the-rules Patriots. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.) Their quarterback Jay Cutler is a prima donna, acting as though he’s actually won something. And here’s the kicker: the coaching and offense were the good news from last season, when they became the first team ever to have a 3-game lead with 3 games to play and lost the division. Rather than devoting their attention to fixing a miserable defense (oh, I don’t know, maybe by hiring a defensive specialist as a head coach and not terminating their entire offensive staff?), the Donks are messing with everything else, including giving a $1 million signing bonus to a long snapper. Yes, I said a long snapper! (Here’s hoping he can play quarterback, too.) At least they’ll be ready to punt, which may happen quite a bit. (Hmmm. Maybe that’s what they were thinking when they hired him before messing with Cutler. Brilliant.)

I’m a lifelong fan, but the soap opera between Cutler and McDaniels is an embarrassment to a franchise that was once one of the classiest and best run in all of sports. “Mile High Pride” and “A History of Victory”? Sure. What a mess.


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  1. My mom always told me that the best defense is a good offense.

  2. Try being a Cleveland “Clowns” fan your whole life! I know you’re an “add-on” since you moved to the Cleveland area, but hey, I grew up in the Cleveland area!

    And, oh can we remind the Denver man about “THE DRIVE”???

    So, please don’t tell me about YOUR sports foul-ups from Denver. I’ve been “enjoying” Cleveland’s foul-ups my whole life! The only “bright” spot is the Cleveland Cadavers!

    I HOPE the Tribe does well this year!

  3. Interesting. I haven’t followed the story all that closely, but I would wonder how McDaniels has “bungled” things. Cutlar seems to be fueling this with his bad attitude. Matt Cassel showed that no star player is beyond replacing, and McDaniels knows that, too. Give him some time, and I imagine that system might just help your hapless Broncos yet.

  4. Greg, the general consensus among media types—both local (to Denver) and national—is that McDaniels’ undermining the team leader, then denying that the trade was being considered, then admitting it, etc. has been disastrous for a new (not to mention young) coach. But most also say (as do I) that most of this is on Cutler, who refuses to get over it.

    I don’t doubt that his offensive system will be fine. But so was Shanahan’s. They need defensive help—or some inside information, which McDaniels may be trained to acquire. :)

    (Kidding. Relax.)

  5. Rick Reilly, a Denver resident and one of my favorite sports writers, chimes in here.

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