Hymn Highlight: Come Quickly, Lord

cw_logocrimsonAs a novice hymn writer, it’s hard to tell which hymns are going to catch on. Perhaps I’ll learn to identify “a keeper” in time, but at this point it seems like I’m not sure which of the hymns I’ve written will be useful to the church until they’re sung. Well, we introduced “Come Quickly, Lord” at Tri-County Bible Church today, and by God’s grace, it seems like “a keeper.”

We introduced it to our body with a very simple choral arrangement:

  • The ladies sang the first verse in unison to introduce the melody.
  • The men sang the second verse in unison to reinforce the melody (omitting the refrain between verses 1 and 2).
  • The entire choir then sang the refrain in unison following verse 2. (Yes, you’re seeing a theme).
  • Assuming that the congregation could now pick out the melody, we sang verse 3 and the refrain in 4-part harmony, a cappella—something we hadn’t decided to do until our pianist ran out of the room in the middle of our rehearsal this morning. We kept going and “it worked.” Greg’s harmonies are just gorgeous, especially in this song, so the simplicity of the unaccompanied choir was very nice.
  • We sang the last verses and chorus in 4-part harmony with the piano. We considered using the optional modulation, but chose not to.

Following the choir’s introduction of the song, the congregation sang all 4 verses. It went really, really well. “Come quickly!” is a prayer that we’ve prayed often together, and the gist of the verses have been preached here, so there was a theological preparedness for the text. And Greg’s tune communicates beautifully both the longing of the verses and the celebratory and anticipatory hope of the refrain. The mp3 sample is adequate, but it really doesn’t capture the emotion of the song. You need to sing it. The refrain “pops” musically and emotionally, as it should.  Several members of our church mentioned that this may be the favorite of the ChurchWorks hymns we’ve learned so far.

I commend it to you. We are commanded to look with expectancy for our Lord’s return, and to be changed by it  (1 John 3:2:3; 2 Peter 3:14). I’m hopeful that this song will assist you and your church in that worthy occupation. I praise the Lord for the promise of Christ’s return, the joy of meditating on it in private,  and the privilege of singing of it with His assembled people! “Come, Lord Jesus!” (Rev 22:20)


Come Quickly, Lord (Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by Greg Habegger)

Full Page / Half Page / Modulation / Text / Notes & Discussion / MP3


On a somewhat related note, the gospel quartet “The Anchor Men” have released their version of My Jesus, Fair. You can listen to it here. Thanks to Kent McCune for making it available!


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  1. Our choir at Inter-City Baptist Church sang “Come Quickly, Lord” as an opening to our Sunday morning worship service this past week. We sang it with the congregation during the evening service. Our choir enjoyed singing it and I think it went over very well with the congregation. This hymn has a great message!

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