Back Home 1: BJU Chapel Messages

We had a great time in Greenville this week. By God’s grace, it seemed like the chapel messages at BJU went well. Thank you to those who prayed to that end. It’s hard to get a lot of feedback when you can’t really see individual faces, but I’m thankful that I was able to communicate Christ with relative clarity. I pray that the Lord will use the messages to capture hearers’ attention to the centrality of Christ in everyday Christian living and to impress upon them the life-changing joy of meditating on Christ’s Person and Work!

I addressed the Transfiguration (Christ’s Unveiled Majesty) on Monday and Gethsemane (Christ’s Unveiled Misery) on Tuesday. If you’re interested, the sermons can be downloaded here and here.

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to preach such a worthy Savior!


8 Responses

  1. Chris,

    I am glad to hear that it went well in chapel. I look forward to listening to both sermons. I thought one of the messages may have been entitled, “Are you heading south when you should be heading north?”

  2. I don’t know what you’re talking about, Andy. Wha…?

  3. Nice.

  4. Chris,

    My son is a Bible Major at BJU. He made a pont of calling to tell me what a great speaker he heard on Monday. He was very excited about your message. He has only called me three times this school year about Chapel speakers (and once was about how “dreadful” the speaker was). On Tuesday he texted me and said how much he enjoyed your Tuesday message. You certainly had a positive impact on him.

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  6. That’s great to hear, Chuck. Praise the Lord!

  7. I’m a student at BJA and was only able to hear Monday’s message. But I wanted to say that is was an awesome encouragement. I had just been praying for preaching about Jesus that morning. Sunday night I had been talking about your hymns to my youth pastor at Faith Baptist church. I was so surprised and delighted to get to hear you preach in chapel the next morning! Thank you for being a willing instrument in our Saviour’s hands. You were used to answer prayer, challenge my heart, and remind me that our God does delight to meet our desires! (I’m looking forward to hearing Tuesday’s message online.)

  8. Praise the Lord, Bethany. How encouraging.

    I’m convinced that a passion for Christ-centeredness is “contagious.” Keep doing what you can to pass it on!

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