Ben Is on a Crusade…

crusadersand he’s making a lot of sense. The crusades are a blight from church history, not something we should celebrate in any way.

Here’s the comment I made in response to his post:

We’ve talked about this before, Ben, and I heartily agree that this is an unnecessary offense. It’s not a matter of political correctness; it’s a matter of (intentionally or unintentionally) associating Christian institutions with something wicked done in the name of Christ. It’s a bad testimony to the world, and it’s a terrible thing to be holding before children and teens as though it’s something to celebrate. Using “Crusaders” as a mascot makes as much sense as using “Jihad” or “Holocaust” as a mascot. If you have it (and I honestly don’t know which schools do, with a very few exceptions), I’d urge you to change it.


5 Responses

  1. As one who taught for five years at a school with a Crusader mascot, I heartily agree! Having “Crusaders” as a mascot for a very conservative Christian school always seemed rather ironic and very inappropriate.

  2. TTU (where I attended as a freshman before transferring to BJU) has a Crusader mascot; but their logo just has a helmet with crossed (what looks like) jousting poles…I don’t remember exactly; but I think that may have been sanitized a bit from a logo that looked much like the above. I was only months old in the Lord when I arrived at TTU, so I was pretty clueless about the whole idea of crusaders at that time (I wasn’t a very good history student in high school)…it sure does send a conflicting message.

  3. A history note on MCS: Originally, our mascot was the Marturian–a Greek soldier.

  4. Now I know why you don’t send your daughters to MCS (purely tongue in cheek)!


  5. I’ve known the crusades were a “blight from church history”, and I’ve known that some schools have the “Crusaders” as their mascot, but I guess I’ve never put two and two together. Thanks for the insight!

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