What I’m Reading: The Cross of Christ

I meditate on Christ’s cross work a lot, I think, especially in recent years. I’ve read about it, preached about it, blogged about it, sung about it, and written hymns about it. Yet, I continue to be amazed by the glorious biblical truths connected with Christ’s sacrifice. Despite my efforts, I’ve just scratched the surface of what Christ suffered and accomplished and how it all applies to my life. There’s more to learn, more basis for life change, more cause for wonder, more fuel for worship. I’m eager to dig deeper, and I appreciate resources that advance my understanding and appreciation of the worthy topic.

John Stott’s classic book The Cross of Christ has been immensely helpful as I’ve (finally!) read it this week. Chapter 3 focuses on 3 of the most shocking, theologically-charged events from Christ’s final hours—the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the cry of forsakenness. I learned a great deal from Stott’s insights. I commend the book to you with enthusiasm.


2 Responses

  1. I started reading this book recently. I agree with your assessment.

  2. “The Cross of Christ” is on my “Great Books” page of my blog “An Uncommon Grace”. It changed my life in ways that I can not even explain. here is the post if you want to read what i wrote and let me know your thoughts:



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