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Bloglines Cliff Notes

I’ve not kept up with my blog-reading for quite some time. The 1448 unread items in my Bloglines account prove it. I’m ready to ditch them all and start over. So…

Did I miss anything worth reading in the last 6 weeks? (I mean really worth reading.)


6 Responses

  1. Chris,

    It’s difficult to say, as we are all attempting to recover from the cultural devastation and chaos that surrounds us as a direct consequence of your neglect of the blogosphere.

  2. Yes Chris,
    did you notice that we have now entered a post-Christian society due to your passivity? Imagine what kind of change (societal, spiritual, emotional, legislative, developmental, mental, athletic, etc.) would have been effected by those 1448 unread updates!

  3. Yeah, it’s shocking that neither my own life nor society at large have fallen apart by my absence from the blogosphere. I’m sure there’s a lesson here somewhere. :)

  4. Define “some time.” Things really haven’t changed one bit. Still the biggest issue in life is the debate over whether Calvinism is correct or not. This issue has not been settled in 500 years, so I really don’t think it’s a surprise that it wasn’t all of a sudden settled in your absence.

  5. Chris,

    You haven’t missed much substantive material since this is the blogosphere we are talking about. 8)

    There has been quite a bit of hubub (sp?) about some speech a college president gave to his students… oh wait, you did catch that. I appreciated your reply.

    Andy Naselli has had some good posts including one pointing out that there is now a stash of over 400 Carson MP3’s available online FOR FREE! I don’t know if you are a Carson Junkie like I am, but it certainly is worth adding that page to your bookmarks.

    There has been a lot in recent weeks on the abortion issue. Some of it better than others. I think the Obama presidency has reinvigorated the pro-life movement, though I wonder how effective it will all be.

    That’s about it, I think.

  6. Ryan,

    I’ve begun to use the Carson library. In fact, I listened to The Ironies of the Cross yesterday with much benefit. It appears to be one he regularly preaches.

    I also got the latest links on the abortion issue from Andy. I plan to listen to the Justin Taylor sermon he recommended today, if possible.

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