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1040 Miles

That’s the goal: 1040 miles run in 2009. Mark Perry, my friend and the assistant pastor at Westerville Bible Church near Columbus, pulled it off in 2008 (Nice job, Mark!), inspiring me to give it a try. It’s not shockingly difficult: just 20 miles a week. But it’s 20 miles every week, and it’s a goal I’d like to meet. I wouldn’t mind finishing a marathon in 2009, too. We’ll see.

Another goal? To read more dead men. My “What I’m Reading” list—besides revealing that I don’t read enough—suffers from what C. S. Lewis would call “chronological snobbery.” I appreciated reading a number of contemporaries in 2008, but I need to read more that has stood the test of time.

Speaking of “standing the test of time,” I celebrated 13 wonderful years with my wife Lori on Monday, followed by a quick nod at my 37th birthday. I’m blessed. And I’m getting old. Anyway, thanks to those who wished me well!

May 2009 be a year in which we are more amazed by our Savior’s love, more conformed to our Savior’s image, and more engaged in our Savior’s work—all for our Savior’s glory.


4 Responses

  1. Your anniversary was on my 47th birthday…(holy cow, are you really ten years younger than me?)! “Just a puppy” as my husband would say. =) Btw, we celebrated our 16th anniversary on the 21st…December is full of wonderful blessings from the Lord, isn’t it? God is good.

  2. At our place we add our youngest daughter’s birthday on 12/27—number 5 this year. That’s a 12/27 b-day, a 12/29 anniversary, and a 12/30 b-day, for anyone counting.

    BTW, nothing’s worse than being a kid and getting combined “Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday” presents. :)

  3. Not to be out-done…our oldest had her 12th birthday on Dec. 5th…and then there’s my husband’s birthday…tomorrow. Throw in all the regular holiday hooplah (in church and out), and you’ve got the makings of some sort of breakdown …financially, if not mentally! =)

  4. Chris,

    FYI, you’ll be running just 40 miles more that the mushers in the World’s Toughest Sled Dog Race – the Yukon Quest. Here’s hoping none of your miles are run at 50 below zero with 30mph winds!

    I’m excited about the race ending here in my home town in a few weeks, plus it’s 40 below here now, so I couldn’t help but think of it.

    Good goal for the year.

    Fairbanks, AK

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