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I’m very pleased to be able to make a new hymn by Eric J. Alexander and Paul S. Jones available at What Manner of Love is a beautiful meditation on 1 John 3:1-3 that is filled with biblical allusions. Alexander’s profound text takes us from Christ’s incarnation, through His atoning death, to the joys His work has obtained for God’s beloved today and for eternity. Jones’ tune perfectly matches the text to express the awe and wonder Christians have at God’s great love revealed through Christ. Here’s the first stanza:

O Christ, what love is this,
That all your loved ones know;
That brought you down from highest bliss
To live in such a world as this,
The Father’s will to do,
The Father’s will to do.

I commend What Love Is This to you, both for personal reflection and for corporate worship.

Here are the links to the song files:

What Manner of Love (Text by Eric J. Alexander; Tune by Paul S. Jones)

Full Page / Half Page / Text / Notes & Discussion / MP3


Note: The CD “New Music for the Church” has a choral recording of this hymn can be purchased from Paul’s website or at CD Baby.


One Response

  1. Gorgeous. Everything about it feeds the soul. Thanks for sharing it!
    The richest of Christmas Blessings to you and yours. ~Diane

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