New Hymn at CWM: Come Quickly, Lord

Greg Habegger and I have been working on a new hymn that expresses the longing of the believer for the return of Christ—a desire that permeates the New Testament Scriptures. The result is a hymn that we’ve posted at our new site ( and that I trust will be used of the Lord to both express and increase the church’s yearning to see Christ. Give it a look and consider adding it to your church’s repertoire. SDG.

Come Quickly, Lord (Text by Chris Anderson; Tune by Greg Habegger)

Full Page / Half Page / Modulation / Notes & Discussion / MP3 Sample


As an aside, having spent quite a bit of time meditating on this theme in recent months, I was encouraged over the weekend to read the following thoughts from John Piper’s book A Hunger for God, which express the same pathos of longing:

“The cry of the early church was, ‘Come, Lord Jesus!’ It is no mere coincidence that the very last words of the Bible are first the words of the Lord, ‘Yes I am coming quickly,’ and then the response of the church: ‘Amen. Come, Lord Jesus’ (Revelation 22:20). This is the cry that the whole Bible is meant to leave in the hearts of the elect…

“[T]he prayer, ‘Thy kingdom come [Matt 6:10],’ was virtually identical with the prayer, ‘Maranatha!’ ‘Come, Lord Jesus!’ [1 Cor 16:22] We can see how central this heart-cry was to the early church. These are not peripheral concerns. They are central to the whole ethos of the body of Christ. The Bridegroom left on a journey just before the wedding, and the Bride cannot acts as if things are normal. If she loves him, she will ache for his return.” (John Piper, A Hunger for God, 85-86)


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