The Galkins’ New CD (with My Jesus, Fair) Is Out

christ-only-alwaysThe Galkin Evangelistic Team is taking pre-orders (at a significant discount!) for their latest CD, Christ Only, Always. It includes a beautiful duet of My Jesus, Fair by Christy Galkin and Stephanie Coffey. This is the first  time a hymn has been recorded, which is exciting!

You can hear a sample of their rendition of My Jesus, Fair here and order the CD here.

May the Lord be magnified!


3 Responses

  1. Chris,

    I love the song and the teens in my youth group sing it often.

    I think I asked this question before, but can’t find where or if you answered. Is there a place where one could obtain a copy of this arrangement.

  2. Ryan,

    I answered this yesterday, but apparently the comment didn’t “take.” Sorry about that.

    At this point, we don’t have any arrangements available—just the hymn versions. We probably will in the future (whether the Galkins’ or another). If so, I’ll definitely announce it here and at the ChurchWorks site. I’m glad you’re profiting from the song. Praise the Lord!

    My family is enjoying the Galkins’ CD very much, too.

  3. […] or people who once traveled with them, like the Kevin Inafuku and the Galkin Evangelistic Team (who recently recorded My Jesus, Fair). That’s not an accident. I very much appreciate (a) their selection of music that rejoices […]

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