The Original Thanksgiving Parade

paradeTiming is everything. Our normal exposition of Nehemiah brought us last Sunday to Nehemiah 12, a passage which records the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem. The regathered and revived Jews were divided into two groups, each of which marched in opposite directions around the city on the newly rebuilt walls (which a stray fox was supposed to have knocked down, according to Tobiah’s mockery in 4:3—great irony!). They met at the Temple. The entire assembly sang—worship leaders, men, women, and children. They were accompanied by instrumentalists playing winds, strings, and percussion. They offered sacrifices. They rejoiced with such exuberance that the celebration was heard from far away (12:43).

Talk about a Thanksgiving parade!

Give it a look, especially starting in 12:27. It’s a great passage. And last Sunday’s message can be heard here. (Warning: the guy tends to rant even when he tries not to. Seriously.)


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