A Vote for Obama Is a Vote for Abortion

If you’re a Christian unsure for whom you should vote, you need to read this. Here’s the gist:

Barack Obama is the most extreme pro-abortion candidate ever to seek the office of President of the United States. He is the most extreme pro-abortion member of the United States Senate. Indeed, he is the most extreme pro-abortion legislator ever to serve in either house of the United States Congress.

You also need to watch this:

Justin Taylor explains the significance of the Freedom of Choice Act here. Regarding the video, it’s interesting how different Obama’s attitude toward abortion was when he had a Planned Parenthood banner behind him vs. when he faced the nation in the last debate and gave an “aw, shucks” answer: “Nobody’s pro-aborion.” Audience matters.

Now, to be honest, I’m conflicted. The message by and for which I live is the gospel of Jesus Christ. What our nation corporately and people individually need isn’t mere morality; it’s Jesus Christ. There will be plenty of people who are opposed to abortion who will nevertheless perish eternally. We have a bigger, more vital message to proclaim: “Repent of your sins and trust Jesus Christ! Be reconciled to God!” We must clearly communicate the gospel, not any political agenda. Unfortunately, too many Christians (in the pulpit and the pew) have neglected the former in favor of the latter. I don’t want to do that. I won’t do that.

So why speak out against abortion at all? Why even make this post? Because this isn’t a party issue. It isn’t part of a political agenda. Economic plans, tax plans, and defense plans are political issues, and Christians have every right to disagree on those. Be opposed to the war in Iraq. Believe whatever you’d like about illegal immigrants, school vouchers, and trade agreements. Be a Christian socialist if you’d like. Knock yourself out. But abortion? That’s another matter. Abortion is murder, and thus it is undeniably a biblical issue. And on that one issue Obama is a pro-abortion extremist, even by the standards of his own party. That’s all I need to know.

Frankly, I’m not crazy about voting for McCain. But because of this single issue, I’ll eagerly vote against Obama. Indeed, I can’t imagine doing anything else—not because I’m part of “the religious right” or because Republicans have evangelicals in their back pocket, but because I’m a Bible-believing Christian and therefore I’m horrified by the legalized and premeditated slaughter of countless infants.

Christian, you need to oppose abortion while investing your time and energy in the only message that is eternally significant: the gospel.

Non-Christian, you need Jesus Christ, regardless of who you intend to vote for and regardless of your view on abortion. Do yourself a favor and research what the Bible says about how you can be right with God instead of what the candidates say about the issues, abortion or otherwise.


7 Responses

  1. Eloquently stated, dear brother. Amen

  2. Chris,

    I remember you and your lovely wife from our undergrad days. I don’t believe we ever had opportunity to meet, but I was an avid Z fan in those days and a friend of most of the Hispanic members of Z. :o)

    You may know my husband, John Mark; he traveled with the Z choir (as an honorary member), mainly because they needed a piano player!

    I have read your blog posts from time to time and have found them to be a blessing. Thank-you for ministering! And thank-you for this excellent, thought-provoking article. I sent it to almost my entire address book.

    May the LORD have mercy (mercy that we undoubtedly do not deserve) on our United States of America.

  3. Great article, Chris! I’ve put a link to it in my latest blog post – http://blog.ivman.com/no-truck

  4. OK he doesn’t like the war which Bush is involved in in Iraq but he’s willing to massacre children? OK this is just a heap freaky. Its the oppression of the strong against the weak…

  5. […] pacifism. He urges Christians to vote and utilize our God-given influence. I agree, as I said in my last post. Yet, he reminds us that the hope of people is Christ, not conservative politics. Here are some of […]

  6. Yep.

    Voting for McCain? Not enthusiastically.

    Voting for Palin? Enthusiastically.

    Voting against Obama-for-what-he-represents? Whole-heartedly

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