Celebs and Politics: Ai-Yai-Yai

I love irony. Thus, when we are taught public policy—including who is and who isn’t qualified for government office—by Hollywood celebrities, I just have to smile. Here’s a thought since we’re talking qualifications: maybe celebs like Lindsay Lohan, Susan Sarandon, SNL comedians, and Matt Damon (or Republican celebs for that matter: both of them) are more “qualified” to make people laugh than counsel them regarding our country’s next Commander in Chief. I mean, c’mon: Lindsay Lohan?

It reminds me of this great video from the great American humorist and crooner, John McCain. :) You’ve got to give it a look. Whether or not you like McCain, it’s clever. Here’s an excerpt: “I know how to sing about as well as [Barbra Streisand] knows how to govern America…Pretty annoying, huh?”



5 Responses

  1. Why is Lindsay commenting on Gov. Palin’s personal life? She didn’t comment on Lindsay’s great performance in I KNOW WHO KILLED ME or about her drug addiction. Turnabout is fair play.


  2. I just saw today that LL was turned down as part of the “Yay, Obama” team. Even Obama has scruples. That is one troubled gal. I pray for her.

  3. Before he picked Palin, that skit on SNL is the only thing McCain ever did that I liked! (It really is pretty wonderful.)

  4. McCain is a pretty funny guy. He has a good line about this controversial school called Bob Jones University and how he would invite them to join the 21st century and get out of the 16th (or something to that effect). Look it up on youtube if you like.

  5. Old News: It looks like I was looking at ancient history. The bit with McCain and Bob Jones University was from the 2000 election, not 2008.

    Speaking of celebrity, Bob Jones Univeristy isn’t on the news every day like they were in 2000. Are they losing their media attention status?

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