If Only…

Consider this opening sentence of an “In Faith” column by Susan K. Smith, pastor of Advent United Church of Christ in Columbus Ohio:

“Sometimes, I wish God would come to humans, in human form, for just one day, and explain some things, because it seems that we are all confused not only about who God is, but how God acts.”

Wow. Wouldn’t it be great if “God would come to humans, in human form”? What a novel idea. (The fact that the name of Smith’s church has the word “Advent” in it makes the comment all the more oblivious, or perhaps intentionally obnoxious.)

God has indeed come to humans as a human. The Word, the second person of the Trinity, has become a man for the specific purpose of revealing the invisible God to us and providing us a way to be reconciled to Him. (John 1:1, 14, 18; Hebrews 1:3; 1 Peter 3:18) The idea of such an incarnation is not wishful thinking; it’s the only hope for sinful humanity. Thank God that “the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us!”

(You can listen to an mp3 explaining the incarnation in more detail here.)


10 Responses

  1. This just occurred to me:

    Sometimes, I wish God would give humans a book to explain some things, because it seems that we are all confused not only about who God is, but how God acts.

    That’d be great.

  2. Chris,

    But if God were to give humans a book, perhaps that book may say something like only men can be pastors.

  3. LOL!! (to that last comment)

    I know we can’t equate the Aaronic priesthood with the office of pastor in the church, but the similarities of how corrupted the priesthood became up until the captivities (and probably a little afterwards) and how corrupted the office of pastor has become are astonishing.

  4. heres a thought…what if God DID give us a book, but there were parts of it that we didnt like?

  5. What if God did become man, and we got to speak with him, but some of us came late and missed out? would the late-comers believe He was ever there?

  6. If He gave us a book, we’d probably ignore it.

    If He became human, we’d probably hate and kill Him.


  7. You could have a “How Many Things Are Wrong With This Picture?” contest.

  8. Yeah, well, the first sentence caught my attention, but the rest of the article (not to mention the first comment) is no better. Her view of God is atrocious. Her view that the Iraqis are the targets of the American military is atrocious. Her linking the war in Iraq to the Crusades or various examples of racism and genocide is atrocious. But alas, after several political posts, I tried to focus on the spiritual vs. the political angle. And again, the irony of her first sentence struck me.

    Now, at the risk of seeming to be political again, I’ll note that the idea that Palin’s religious views and those of her pastors are more shocking to some than Obama’s and those of his pastor(!) is unbelievable.

    Were I a Republican strategist, I’d say, “Yes, let’s compare our pastors, shall we?” :)

    But I’m not.

  9. This dear person’s (Susan K. Smith) statements would be laughable if they did not involve eternal consequences. “They have Moses and the prophets. They wouldn’t believe if one were to rise from the dead.”

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