Quick Hits (9/5/08)

A little of this and a little of that…


Patient Ministry

I think it’s Dever who has said that most young pastors overestimate what can be accomplished in one year and underestimate what can be accomplished in ten. With that in mind, this is very good.


Doran on Psalm 145

This sermon is helpful, especially for those interested in worship. (Er…that’s Christians.) After some somewhat technical thoughts, Doran makes some very practical applications from the Psalm. (So hang in there.)


A Great Read

As a proud uncle of a very sweet ten-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, this article warmed my heart. (Except the “To hell with them” at the end, of course.)

HT: Tim Challies


Computer Update

My crashed hard drive is still in ICU, but by God’s grace, the crucial files I needed have been recovered. Jon Engdahl (from Orwell Bible Church near Amish country, ironically enough!) is the hero. We actually borrowed the brains of several commenters: we (he) bought an identical drive on Ebay and made a switch; he used several recovery programs (which failed); he even stuck the stupid thing in the freezer for a while. After a long night (on the eve of his vacation!), he got the files I need. Wonderful! Thanks, all for your help. And thanks to you, in particular, Jon.


Music Site Update

I believe Greg and I have found the name for a music web site—a name broad enough to allow us to add other church resources in the future, if we decide to do so. Thanks for the help! By God’s grace, the hymns we’ve written have been well received, and we’re working to make them more accessible. We hope to have the site up and running soon.


Sarah Pain?

Mere Comments, the blog of Touchstone Magazine, made an ironic and comical mistake on a post yesterday, and I brought it to their attention. It’s fixed now, but alas, I got a screen shot first. Check it out here. :)


2 Responses

  1. Chris – glad to hear that you’ve recovered some of that data.

    The IT Manager nag in me just has to ask – did you buy an external backup drive yet? :)

  2. Hey, Drew. Not exactly. Will work on it, though. :)

    Hope you guys are well!

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