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Noonan on Palin

I enjoy reading Peggy Noonan, and I’ve been looking forward to her take on Palin’s speech. Turns out that Palin made the same impression on many, mixing a “she reminds me of so-and-so” familiarity with a tremendous polish and courage that is anything but common. In fact, now she’s being called “Baberaham Lincoln.” (And I get criticized for being effusive?!)

Here’s a portion of Noonan’s latest column:

She has the power of the normal. Hillary Clinton is grim, stentorian, was born to politics and its connivances. Nancy Pelosi, another mother of five, often seems dazed and ad hoc. But this state governor and mother of a big family is a woman in a good mood. There is something so normal about her, so “You’ve met this person before and you like her,” that she broke through in a new way, as a character vividly herself, and vividly genuine.

“A woman in a good mood,” even as she skewers her opponents. That’s exactly it. A smiling assassin.

Funny. Unless your name is Biden, that is.


5 Responses

  1. Did you see Noonan’s other comments, caught on an open mike a day or two before the speech?

  2. Yeah, I saw that. Oops.

  3. Good observation. You have become wittier in your old age. I was afraid you were going to attack the phrase, “a woman in a good mood”, and then we would have to alert your wife.

  4. A little confused at your blog entry. Can’t read your tone of voice. Is “Smiling assassin” a good thing? In my way of Christian thinking, we turn the other cheek, and bring peace, not assassin. I found her character assassinations highly disturbing.

  5. Hi, Laura.

    I don’t think Governor Palin is an assassin any more than I think she literally “skewers her opponents” (which would hurt!). It was merely a lighthearted description of the fact that her appearance belies a strength that is willing to challenge things (and people) she believes are wrong. I’m saying that she’s tough, not that she’s dirty or mean-spirited, which I don’t think is the case.

    There’s no question that the election has taken on a negative tone. However, I really don’t think Governor Palin has behaved in a particularly unchristian manner. Debating one’s qualifications, records, and policies certainly isn’t “character assassination,” if that’s what you mean by the term. The sort of banter she’s engaged in during interviews and speeches really isn’t troubling to me, but neither is the sort of aggressive questioning she’s received from someone like Charlie Gibson. FWIW.

    As for turning the other cheek, I do think she’s been blessed with plenty of shocking opportunities to do just that during the last few weeks, and I think she’s done pretty well.

    At any rate, whereas I’m appreciative of her policies (especially on abortion, which is far more important to me than other issues), I also am checking my enthusiasm, remember that (a) candidates tend to embrace Christians while campaigning, then forget them while governing, and (b) our hope has always been in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not in any party, platform, or politician.

    Hope that clears things up. :)

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